Sunday, November 4, 2018


 N-Scale Industrial Switching Layout by Jim Urban

O-Scale layout by Jimmy Pitts

O-Scale Layout

Jimmy Pitts, manager of the O-Scale Layout

Two visitors examine the O-Scale layout

Layout by Caleb Griffith

Display of objects from the BVRS collection

Studying the layout as mom takes a photo

O-Scale Layout

O-Scale Layout
O-Scale Layout

O-Scale Layout

Studying the N-Scale Industrial Switching Layout

O-Scale Layout


Shooting a photo of the O-Scale Layout

Jimmy Pitts (left) with visitors

Jimmy Pitts (right) with a visitor and her son.

Grandsons watching the O-Scale train 
layout as grandma takes a photo

Friday, August 31, 2018


Caleb Griffith

Paul Hermanot (left) with visitor

Jim Bohot

Paul Hermanot

Sunday, June 3, 2018

West Columbia Train Show

Train Show at West Columbia Civic Center

May 5, 2018
Jim, Jimmy, Caleb, and Wayne present an exhibit of model trains at the West Columbia Civic Center, West Columbia, Texas.  Photos by Neal McLain.

West Columbia Civic Center and Library Building

Caleb Griffith standing at right

Jimmy Pitts, center, with "O" scale layout

"O" Scale Layout

"O" Scale Layout
Jimmy Pitts (seated) with visitors

"O" Scale Layout
Jimmy Pitts (seated) with visitors

N-Scale Coffee Table layout
Wayne LeCompte

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